"Michael Bucher is an American songwriting icon." ~Native People's Magazine

3 Time NAMMY Winning Musician & Native Teen Mentor

NAMA VIP Party 08cWelcome to Michael Bucher.com. This is my site which was inspired by my album Seven. If this music helps one person to survive, to heal, or helps them on their way to wellbriety, it is all worth the effort.

If it helps one person realize they do have a voice and can help stop the desecration, it did what it was intended.

If it helps one person understand everyone of us makes mistakes, but it's never to late to return to our center, and in a good way, enjoy the journey we're on, it is complete.

I came from a musical family where almost everyone was self taught. I grew up listening to Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and all the popular country music artists of the day. As a teenager my musical tastes expanded to include Rock, Blues, and R&B.

By my early twenties I started writing my own songs and through the years have refined my style and approach to music. My influences and inspirations are broad and varied, but some of who include Buddy Red Bow, Johnny Cash, Buffy St.Marie, Neil Young and Bill Miller.

SD closeup 2bOne of my favorite hobbies is Native style drum making. I made my first drum when I was eight years old with the help of my grandmother.

Years later I came back to Native drums and now make hand drums and old pow-wow style drums, which are logs that I hollow out and lace various types of rawhide heads to. The Native drum that you hear on this CD, Seven, was made by me.

My feelings for the drum are strong . The tree is a gift from the Creator. It is part of the balance and stays true to it's purpose.

The drum is a sacred vessel that should not to be mistreated or disrespected. It is the heartbeat of the people.

Michael grew up in a multi-racial neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. In all the diversity, his large family did what they could to ensure that they didn't become an invisible Indian. 

Longest Walk 08b

My Cherokee ancestry along with my late Great uncle are the reason I entered the music world in 2006. My uncle and I would have weekly conversations about our views, acknowledgements, successes, and frustrations with current and past events in Indian Country.

Several things would resurface in our conversations. Topics like the ongoing desecration of Native burial mounds and gravesites, the persistent stereotypes of Native people that others use to disparage and subjugate Indian people with, the intolerable view of treaty rights by politicians and some of the public, the epidemic of suicide in our youth, and so much more. In one of the last conversations I would have with my Great Uncle before he changed worlds, he told me, “If you really want to make a difference and change, use your music to make that difference and change. You have a voice, use it.”

sd horse sanct 1 resizeSo I did, and continue, to try and tell stories with my songs that will hopefully educate, help heal, and entertain those who listen to them.

I hold my culture, where I come from, the stories and traditions of my people, and my ancestors as the foundation of who I am. My journey is mine to lead, but I do it with my foundation along with the comfort and strength of knowing “my spirit medicine is strong enough for me.”