Michael's newest cd 'Believe' picks up where his award winning cd 'Seven' left off. 'Believe' cranks it up a notch or two and is evident with the songs he's put down in this highly anticipated cd. His approach to songwriting, as only a few in this genre can do, and as Native People's magazine writes of Michael,"an American songwriting icon", is stronger than ever. The musical versatility in songs like Fat Cats, Sacred Ground, For Chief Joseph, Blessings and the title track Believe are enough to satisfy all styles. He has dedicated this cd to the children throughout Indian Country who are battling their struggle with suicide. A rate 70% higher than any other race in the country in ages 18 and under. It's for who and why he wrote the title track 'Believe'. As usual for Michael, he sings about issues and topics in Indian Country he feels strongly about and uniquely covers them in these 11 new songs. All are straight from the heart. And as usual, straight into yours. 

Track Listing:
01. Blessings
02. For Chief Joseph
03. Sacred Ground
04. Never Meant To Make You Bleed
05. Texas Cherokee
06. Fat Cats
07. Believe
08. Ahani Tsi Toga-Here I Stand
09. Mountain Top Removal
10. Cedar Smoke or the Flame
11. Amazing Grace-Instrumental

Price: $15.00 + $2.00 S&H
Believe 322

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