"Michael Bucher is an American songwriting icon." ~Native People's Magazine

3 Time NAMMY Winning Musician & Native Teen Mentor

Last Cry Out

I’ve done all I can do, said all I can say.
I swear by the morning light I could be on my way.
Like a road without reason, my life is torn, my innocence bleeding.
I wait for sanctuary while I cry myself to sleep.

So here and now I tell you what I realize, no one would save me, is there anyone who’ll try? How do I fight this? How do I survive this hand that holds me down?
My last cry out? I’m cried out. I’m cried out.
I could fly with the angels, oh and sleep with the earth, I’m cried out.

Everyday a new deception, another hurt I’ll try.
You’re asking me who I am when you’re the one who lied.
I try to be my own savior, I keep it true and ask no favors.
My world keeps crashing down while I keep holding on.

Repeat chorus