"Michael Bucher is an American songwriting icon." ~Native People's Magazine

3 Time NAMMY Winning Musician & Native Teen Mentor

Women and Water

If time heals all wounds, how long would it take to heal all the water from the mess that we’ve made?
If time begs the question, then the answer we’re throwing away.
The Creator gives to all what some think they own, the blood of our mother, how will we atone?
You can’t buy your way into heaven by selling your soul.

Women and water, givers of life, Grandmother moon in the eastern sky, Watch over us now, lead us back down that red road. Where the lakes are pure, the rivers are clean, ever flowing and singing for you and for me, carrying the songs and the teachings, women and water.

There’s a dirty little secret we pretend not to know.
When you can’t drink the water, there’s nowhere else to go.
We’re praying for a miracle to deliver what we don’t on our own.
It’s the spirit of the water, the spirit of the wind, the four great directions and all they let in.
To betray what they share, to their spirit, would be no greater sin.

The seventh generation has their eyes on us now, the ones who came before us are singing out loud.
it’s the chorus of the ages with a pleading, you can’t let us down.
The earth is
changing, right before our eyes. After all of the warnings, can’t you see the signs?
What are we waiting for? Now is the time.

Repeat chorus