"Michael Bucher is an American songwriting icon." ~Native People's Magazine

3 Time NAMMY Winning Musician & Native Teen Mentor

You’d Think By Now

There’s a soul I’ve been saving, a soul I’ve been wasting.
There’s a soul that has let me down. A soul full of greatness.
There’s a time for believin’, a time to hold on, there’s a time to just stand your ground.
There’s a time to just be wrong, wrong, wrong.
There’s a big ole’ demon at the bottom of my stair, can’t wait for me to come on down.
Can’t believe he’s still there.
I’ve tried to stare that devil down from the bottom of my glass.
Think it’s time for me to go down there and to kick some demon ass.

I’ve tried to climb this mountain, tried to break these shackled chains.
But sometimes I still swear out loud ain’t nothin gonna change.
It’s like the same old story playing out all over again.
Except you’d think by now I’d know just how this story’s gonna end.
Except you’d think by now I’d know just how this loser never wins. No...

There’s a light on in my kitchen, I’ve given up on some sleep.
This worry and this torment won’t give me any peace.
I sweat out last night’s drinkin’, workin’ in this July sun.
There ain’t noone gonna say a prayer when I’m buried from all this fun, fun, fun. No...
I’m getting tired, so tired of standing back and dusting myself off.
Just to look out over my shoulder for that damned ol wrecking ball.
I know there’s better days comin’, oh they all can’t be this tough.
But for now I’ve got to stay right here, beg for mercy, I’ve had enough. Oh

Repeat chorus