"Michael Bucher is an American songwriting icon." ~Native People's Magazine

3 Time NAMMY Winning Musician & Native Teen Mentor

Somebody Told Me

Somebody told me that I could not reach for the life I had before I fell.
Somebody told me that I should not bother, just throw your dreams into the wishing well.
You’re better off as far as I can tell.
Somebody told me I was doomed to fail just like my father before me.
Somebody told me I was just a waste of time, you’re going nowhere boy just take your seat.
You’re going nowhere, you can ride with me.

Ain’t it like me? Ain’t it like you?
To believe what we’ve been told?
They’re just afraid to say it, and more afraid to face it.
They gave themselves up a long time ago.
Told me to follow, I refuse to go.

Somebody told me change the way you’re thinking, give it up and don’t look back.
Somebody told me if I kept on believing, just blame yourself when you’re on your back.
I tried to tell you there’s no second chance.
Somebody told me not to chase that rainbow, you can’t catch it if you try.
Somebody told me I was getting too old, just put it down and just step aside.
End of the story end of the line.

Repeat Chorus